How To Get Instagram Followers And Likes

Instagram is an amazing photo sharing app for IOS, android, and windows phone which allows the users to share and upload photos across social networks. It has 150 million users.

According to science:

“Getting more followers and likes on social media makes you happier”

Since we want ourselves to feel happy so in order to feel happy we want more likes and followers. As it is fun when other people are following you and liking your stuff. How to get more followers on instagram and likes on instagram? Not a big deal! Because we have figured out that how exactly one goes about obtaining likes and followers on the most popular and amazing photo sharing app that is, Instagram. Which will helps you to become the toast of the internet in no time. In this article you are going to discover these techniques which will help you to answer the question that how to get instagram followers and how to get likes on instagram? So let’s move on.

Step 1: set a clear goal for your account

Really successful instagram accounts tend to stick to their goal. If your goal is to show your best photography then you should stick to it and never post pictures of low quality.

Step 2: stick to a schedule

It is very crucial that your followers know when to expect a new picture.

“Your audience will expect that rhythm”

So if you are going to be daily then you are supposed to post daily.

Step 3: make your account look great

It is very important that your photo feed looks great and attracts the attention of others, while an interesting portfolio helps you a lot because this will make people to take a decision of following you.

Step 4: take a good photo

Photographers have such sizeable followings and likes on their photos because they know what makes a good photo. Take some tutorial classes if you want to hone your skills. There are 60% more chances to get more likes due to good pictures.

Step 5: don’t be boring but be creative

You should not post the same boring photos on daily basis because if people are coming to your account for your kitten pictures then you should not post the same pictures. You need to add some creativity to it.

Step 6: use interesting hashtags

Stick with unique and interesting hashtags which reflects the theme of the account or a particular project. As hashtags are now seen as the ultimate way to attract more people.

Step 7: avoid using too many hashtags

Hashtags should be relevant to the post. But using too many hashtags will not put a good impact because one may think that you are using too many hashtags just because you are desperate for likes.

Step 8: Interact with your audience

Even though you are not able to respond to everybody but at least make them know that you appreciate them.

Step 9: Get Featured

Most of the accounts that see a surge in followers have been featured. As no good instagram account exists in vacuum.

Step 10: leverage your existing channels

When you are finally done with your instagram profile it’s now time to share it on other social media sites because it is the easiest ways to get instagram likes and followers.